Styled By Harj

Dapper By Harj Collection

A gentlemen's collection. A collection for the elegant, classy, and dapper. A collection for those who choose the sharp and colourful lifestyle.

The Collection

Welcome to the Dapper by Harj family with this limited edition men's accessory product line in collaboration with Nav K Collection. These vintage silk pattern pieces were hand picked and specially curated to up your fashion game. Only a handful of fashion-forward individuals own this particular pocket square, across the globe.

We hope you enjoy what you see and make a home for one of these special, one of a kind patterns!


Eclectic Garden(Blue) SOLD OUT

As colourful and elegant as your personality

Blue Peacock   SOLD OUT

Enhancing your personal status                  


Mandarin Flight  SOLD OUT

Don't worry .. It'll go where ever you go                                                                         


Metropolitan Blue   SOLD OUT

Let your awareness seek the hidden map


Emerald Rose   SOLD OUT

Only exists when I'm with you

WhatsApp Image 2016-11-28 at 12.00.32 PM.jpeg

The Americano   $18.00

He's either at the cafe or having lunch with Lincoln


The Bazaar   SOLD OUT

Walking through the streets of India  


Purple Orchid   SOLD OUT

Masters of disguise

Eclectic Garden    SOLD OUT

As colourful and elegant as your personality                                                  

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