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Denim on Denim

A blast from the past. A look that has had it's ups and downs and is now making a resurgence in the fashion world.  A look when done right can look down right amazing!

In collaboration with Flashing Lights Photography & Design - @flphotodesign /

Jeans - Levis / Shirt - Parer Clothing / Jacket & Shoes - Zara

Denim on Denim also known as Double Denim has been a trend that has been around for decades. It's also a look which has been in question for much of this time. However I can confidently tell you that this look is one that isn't going anywhere anytime soon! Today, you can see the double denim being worn by many celebs, bloggers, and fashion enthusiasts alike. Like I said the look isn't going out of style just yet and I am a firm believer that twice as much denim is twice as good; and if you're not quite convinced or are in need of some serious style inspiration, have a look below at my own denim on denim look!

Denim on Denim.jpeg
Denim on Denim 2.jpeg
Denim on Denim 4.jpeg

 Here are some foolproof tips for creating your own double denim look!

  1. Matching the right denim wash
    • Mix washes to break up the combination of denim - dark bottoms with a light top or vice versa.
    • Avoid wearing the same shade together in one outfit
  2. Keep the layers simple
    • Keep your undershirt plain or a solid colour (as seen above) or keep your jacket simple and classy
    • No need to over complicate the look
  3. Avoid triple denim
    • Having two pieces in an outfit is ENOUGH!
  4. Don't pull a JT or Britney
    • Google the look!