Styled By Harj
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Summer Time Fine

Series 1 with Karm Chohan

Summertime, when the living is easy and the outfits are free. When individuals are open to create as their hearts desire. A time for loafers, linens, and tee's.


Ever get tired of resorting back to the typical shorts and graphic tee look in the summer? Do you find it difficult to be creative and still survive in the heat? For both men and women, warm weather can be a hurdle in finding a variety of unique and stylish outfits. My summer fashion is all about staying cool and comfortable while steering away from the norm. And my wonderful fashionista friend, Karm, feels the same way! Here is one way for both sexes to swap out the ordinary and bring some flare to their summer outfits!

For the Gents

Loafers, linen pants, and half sleeve button ups; great alternative pieces for that casual summer outing. Let's start at the bottom. Today, loafers are the new running shoes, a must have for all men. They are a great way to both dress up and down play an outfit depending on the mood and setting. Not only are they stylish but are breathable, comfy, and come in multiple colours and styles. Just because it's hot outside, doesn't mean shorts are your only option. Linen pants are super light and super stylish. They allow you to dress up a summer outfit while staying cool. My summer wardrobe consists mainly of half sleeve button ups in all different colours and patterns. They're the perfect addition to your basic tee's and a great way to spice up your outfits just like my mom's homemade butter chicken.

For the Ladies

For the ladies, summer is usually full of the 3 S's - short shorts, skirts and summer dresses. However, the warm weather welcomes an opportunity to be funky and fashionable. Karm's summer style is all about using ordinary, everyday pieces in her own unique way.  She likes to take different textures and patterns and put them together to create her own masterpiece. In this specific outfit you can see the combination of striped blue pants, with a cross-hatched textured t-shirt, layered with a velvet vest. Even though all these pieces are completely different from each other, together they compliment one another.  This a perfect way to swap out a normal dress or skirt and top combo and give an ordinary summer outfit some edge. 



Styled By Harj

Loafers - Zara // Pants - Zara // T-Shirt - Zara // Button-Up - Zara

Karm Chohan

Shoes - Top Shop // Pants - Forever 21 // Shirt - Zara// Vest - Queen West Boutique